Signing up


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User fees


Unlock Fee


Charged once the vehicle is opened.

Rookie Fee


Only charged if there has been a ride in that calendar month.

The rookie fee is billed with the first ride of the month. You’re classified as a rookie driver if you have held your driver’s license for less than 1 year.

Costs for trips abroad


We charge a cross border fee for each international trip. On trips abroad, you are also responsible to pay for parking, refueling and highway toll, toll stickers and vignettes. These costs are non-refundable.

If you cause a traffic ticket abroad, you will be charged the full amount of the fine plus a processing fee by us.

Border crossing surcharge


The border crossing fee of 5€/day is capped at max. 25€/rental and automatically billed at the end of your trip.

Refueling abroad


Costs depend on the gas station are not refunded by us.

Unauthorized trips abroad

up to 250€

Trips outside Belgium are only allowed to certain countries. If you drive to a country that is not permitted, we charge a security deposit.

Long-term rates


Low fuel level after
daily rate


When you rent a car for 24h or longer, the fuel tank needs to be at least 50% full at the end of your trip. Otherwise, we charge a 5€ fee.

Trips outside of the business area


You can leave our business area any time: drive to other cities, out into the countryside or wherever you like. However, you have to return to end your trip. Outside our business area, you can only park temporarily (stop over).

Drop-off outside
the business area


This fee applies if you refuse to return to your MILES city and insist to end your ride outside the business area. The business area is shown in the app.

Handling fees


Partner area penalty


Penalty for disregarding the terms of use of our parking area partners.

Traffic related fines


If you cause a traffic ticket, you will be charged the full amount of the fine plus this handling fee.

Late damage report


This fee is charged if you report a vehicle damage to us after you have already ended your rental.

Vehicle towing


If a car is towed because you parked it improperly, we charge this handling fee plus the cost of the towing procedure. Additional costs may be incurred for the loss of use of the vehicle.

Accident charges


Deductible (S vehicles)


Deductible (M vehicles)


Deductible (Premium vehicles)


Deductible (L vehicles)


Accident handling


This handling fee is only charged if you caused the accident.

Improper use


Refueling at wrong
gas station


Free refueling is only possible at our partner gas stations (TotalEnergies).

Vehicle relocation


This fee applies if one of our employees needs to repark a MILES because you parked it improperly.

Service trip


This fee is charged for service trips after improper use.

Special cleaning

from 100€

Costs are based on expenses.


from 100€

Costs are based on expenses.

Wrong refueling


We may charge additional costs for damages and towing services.

Loss of vehicle key


We may charge additional costs for repairs (invoices provided by a third party) and loss of use.

Aggressive driving


Costs are based on expenses. We may charge additional costs for damages and towing services.

Towing by a
third party


Costs are based on the invoice provided by the third party.

Abuse & criminal offenses


Blocking a vehicle

from 25€

If you rent a vehicle without moving it, the vehicle will be blocked for other customers and a loss of use will incur. During a rental, the vehicle must be moved more than 1km within 10 minutes. More information can be found in our terms and conditions.

Contractual penalty

up to 250€

This fee applies if our terms and conditions are violated.

Passing login data/
unauthorized use


Prosecution of
criminal offences


Additional fees may be charged if the vehicle is seized by external service providers or the responsible authorities. The amount is based on expenditure and loss of use.

Security deposit

up to 1000€

In the event of abuse or criminal charges, a deposit will be withheld until the matter is resolved.