In order to give something back to the cities in which we are active and to make a lasting positive impact, we support various social projects with our MILES Charity program. We do this both in the form of monetary donations with the proceeds from our exclusive charity cars, and in the form of donations in kind with our vehicles.

If you have a social project or you are part of a charity organisation that we can support, don't hesitate and write us your idea or project!

We want to help so you can help! 🖤


MILES x Dojo cares

MILES x DOJO cares

In collaboration with the foundation DOJO cares, we distributed warming kits in selected vehicles so that you can provide protection from the cold to homeless people.

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MILES Charity mit der Berliner Tafel

MILES x Berliner Tafel

The vehicle of "Laib & Seele" distribution centre was cancelled and so MILES Charity provided the Berliner Tafel with a van in order to pick up the food donations on time.

Der Hafen hilft - Ukraine-Russland Krise

MILES x der Hafen hilft

Hafen hilft e.V. operates a donation hall of over 1,200m² and supplies a recreation home at the Schaalsee, where mainly Ukrainian mothers with children are accommodated.


Mit MILES Charity gemeinnützige Vereine unterstützen

We have charity cars in all our cities. The special feature: we donate 100% of the revenue from the trips with this car directly to selected associations and organisations.

💡 In the app you can see directly in the vehicle detail card to which organization we donate the ride revenue with the selected charity car.


Fairchance Foundation

MILES Charity x Stiftung Fairchance

The Fairchance Foundation aims to give children and young people better prospects and opportunities for a self-determined life in Germany. 

The Fairchance Foundation's language support program MITsprache aims to give socially disadvantaged children and, in particular, children with an immigrant background access to education through the acquisition of the German language, thereby promoting their integration. As of 2022, MITsprache is successfully represented at over 100 daycare centers and elementary schools. 2,200 children receive around 150,000 language support hours each year. Many more educational institutions in Germany now want to integrate MITsprache into their daily routines.


MILES Charity x Fairstärken

FAIR.STÄRKEN e.V. is an association in the heart of Cologne that is committed to a colorful society that exemplifies the values of democracy, passes them on to future generations and thus strengthens children and young people in their healthy development. Among other things, we work with children and young people who are growing up in poverty, have had to experience family violence or have experienced other traumas such as refuge, war and isolation. Our focus is on the project areas of social learning and violence prevention for children and young people, participatory integration work for families and educational vacation trips. Every year, we run over 250 group programs and reach over 3,000 children and young people in Cologne.


MILES Charity x Transaidency

The Transaidency association was founded to help people in need. Together, we seek solutions that not only improve the current situation, but also have an impact on the future. Our joint work is characterized by intercultural exchange as well as sensitivity. Sustainability, innovation and transparency are also among the key success factors of the association. 

One of our focus points is in the area of education and participation. We support youngsters in school and on their way into professional life. We support them on a voluntary basis with educational sponsors so that they can improve their schooling. This applies especially to youngsters from educationally disadvantaged families. We pay sensitive attention to their living situations; some of the youngsters still live in the refugee accommodations.


MILES Charity x Weekend School

Aspiring young people from districts with a low social index are (more) afraid of the future. They receive little inspiration and are often not taken seriously.

The Weekendschool in Hamburg changes that early on: inspiring role models encourage the kids to go their own way and foster the existing motivation to learn everything about their possibilities early on. In interactive workshops and excursions to exciting workplaces, they experience a perspective for a future worth living.


Aid Pioneers e.V.

The Aid Pioneers e.V. is a German organisation which collects donations in kind and sends them via airlift into crisis areas. MILES Charity regularly supports their work by transporting the donations to the airport. This has enabled the transport of over 200 boxes of donations to Beirut and the Ukraine!


Zeit für Zukunft e.V.

MILES facilitates the drive of the participants of the project to their allotments.


Ideen hoch 3 e.V.

The project unites socially disadvantaged people of different cultures via travelling.


Don't hesitate and tell us how we can support you with your social project or non-profit organisation!👇


1. Conditions: You are an official helper or member of a charitable organisation based in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or Dusseldorf and need a van or car.

2. Send us an email: Please provide detailed information about your project and how you would like us to support you!

3. We’ll get back to you! During a personal chat we will talk about the possibilities to support your project together.