Drive relaxed from 0.98€/km

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Audi Q2 mit MILES in Köln mieten


You can find our cars at every corner. Regardless of whether you only need it for a short time or 2 weeks - simply open the app and start the ride.

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    Relaxed driving with km rate

    MILES charges for the driven km. This way you will always reach your destination stress free and without having to count the minutes. For longer rides, MILES also offers discounted daily rates.

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    Cars & vans 24/7 via app

    Be it a small car, a larger one for more comfort or a van, simply choose a MILES within your vicinity. Open the app and start the rental - at any time.

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    Fuel & Parking in the city included

    You don't have to pay anything to park on public streets within our business area - not even a parking ticket. The same applies to charging, refuelling or insurance - it's all on us.


Be it a small city car or even a van - simply rent what you need in our app. Any time, for however long.

VW Polo

from 0.98€/km
Daily rates from 45€/day


Audi A4

from 0.98€/km
Daily rates from 49€/day
(!) not available for rookies


Audi Q2

from 0.98€/km
Daily rates from 49€/day
(!) not available for rookies

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    Parking within the city

    You can park for free on all public streets within out business area. And the best: you don't even need a parking ticket.

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    Outside of Cologne

    You can leave the business area at any time. If you would like to park the vehicle in the meantime, you can simply do a stopover within the app. However, the vehicle must be back within the business area before you can end your ride.

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    Refuelling & Charging

    Refuelling and charging are free of charge. You can use a MILES fuel card which is accepted at every Aral or Total gas station in Germany. If you rent an electric vehicle, you can see all available charging stations directly in the MILES app.


Simply rent a vehicle nearby & drop it off wherever you want. It is also possible to leave the business area during any time of your ride.

Geschäftsgebiet von MILES in Köln

MILES in the Rhineland

You can find our vehicles in Cologne, Bonn, Düsseldorf and Duisburg. With MILES, you can drive and commute between all four of those cities - without any extra fee. ✌️

Driving abroad with MILES 🗺

You can use MILES on your trips to all neighboring countries of Germany such as Austria or the Netherlands (see country list). Simply choose one of our available cars to start your ride.

For more information about the fees and conditions, check our FAQs.


Driving to & from the airport without any extra fees — for 34€

MILES am Flughafen

Airport rate

The airports Cologne/Bonn & Düsseldorf are part of our business area Rhine-Ruhr. With MILES, you drive at a discounted rate from the city to the airport or the other way around - from 34€!

The airport rate is calculated automatically based on the valid airport route but can also be booked directly in the MILES app.

  • Valid for a direct trip between Cologne and the airport Cologne/Bonn with our cars including 45km and 120 minute rental for 34€.

No extra fees

You don't have to pay any extra money for starting your rent or dropping off the car at the airport.

Parking at Airport Cologne/Bonn (P2)

The airport is part of our business area. You can see the parking lots as parts of our business area in the app and drive there directly.
Parking with MILES at the airport is free so you don't need to get a parking ticket.

You can find our cars on parking deck P2, floor 3, sector D.


open MILES app in app storeopen Miles app in play store