"Sharing rides and vehicles while not having to sacrifice freedom or comfort is for me the fundamental idea for sustainable, future-oriented transportation. That's why I founded MILES."

Co-Founder & COO Alexander Eitner 

Alexander Eitner - COO MILES Mobility

With our first Sustainability Report 2021, we want to give all partners, cities, and municipalities, investors, colleagues, users, and all interested parties an insight into the achievements and activities of MILES in terms of sustainable action and our associated economic, environmental, and social responsibility that we assume.

You can find the Executive Summary of the report here.

Nachhaltigkeit bei MILES

Substitution of private cars

With our carsharing service, we have already been able to help reduce the number of private cars in urban centers and create free space. One MILES car can replace up to 15 private vehicles.


Our focus is on CO2 reduction

At MILES, we ensure that our vehicles are as environmentally friendly as possible. Of course, our shared vehicles also emit CO2, but to a lesser extent than the average private car. So far, the MILES fleet consists exclusively of new and low-emission autos with low engine power and fuel consumption. MILES and its users could save around 51,600t of CO2 by 2021. 

CO2 saving with MILES

More space to live in

The areas freed by the substitution of private cars can be redesigned. Green spaces for an improvement of the climate balance, seating for residents, and the expansion of bike path connections, and children's playgrounds are conceivable. By December 2021, the area saved by MILES encompassed a total of around 780,000 m2, corresponding to the size of some 1,300 playgrounds.


Water conservation

Fewer autos mean an overall reduction in the wastage of water. While our carsharing fleet is washed more frequently than privately owned vehicles, the net water wasted is less due to the lower number of cars and more environmentally friendly car-wash techniques such as “dry cleaning”. For example, in 2021, one MILES vehicle saved about 12,500 liters of water, equivalent to about 70 filled bathtubs.

Wasserverbrauch -  Nachhaltigkeit mit MILES