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💡 Standard rate 1.29€/km, 2€ Unlock | daily rates from 74€/24h (Unlock Fee included)

✅ Insurance & charging included

(!) This vehicles is not available for Rookies.

Our fully electric Premium vehicle

The Model 3 is fully electric and a Premium vehicle of the MILES Fleet. Features such as radio, air conditioning and even the adjustment of the mirrors are managed through the touch screen next to the steering wheel. Sleek design meets high tech for an extra portion of pure driving pleasure.


L/W/H with mirror: 4.69m/2.09m/1.44m
Volume of trunk: 542 dm3

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Requirements for renting

  • You need to be at least 23 years old.

  • You have had at least 10 rides with MILES already.

  • You own a driver's license for longer than a year and are no longer a Rookie.

How to start the Tesla


Keyless go is comfortable. Instead of a key you use the app to unlock the carl. The moment, you step on the brakes, you can shift into the right gear and start driving immediately.

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Radio, Klimaanlage und Bedienelemente für die meisten Einstellungen werden alle über den zentralen Touchscreen gesteuert.

Du kannst die Fahrzeugsteuerung öffnen, indem du auf das Auto-Symbol am linken, unteren Bildschirmrand drückst.

Außerdem gelangst du über den Menübutton im unteren Teil des Screens auf die Zugriffe für gespeicherte Apps, z.B. Bluetooth.


Um einen Sprachbefehl zu starten, drücke die rechte Scrolltaste auf dem Lenkrad. Während du sprichst, wird auf dem Touchscreen eine Interpretation deines Befehls angezeigt. Außerdem findest du dort Vorschläge zu häufig verwendeten Befehlen.


In der Mittelkonsole sind für die hintere Sitzreihe zwei USB-C Ladeanschlüsse integriert.

Im vorderen Bereich können zwei Smartphones gleichzeitig induktiv aufgeladen werden. Du findest die Ladeschalen in der Mittelkonsole unterhalb des Touchscreens.

Assistance systems


The most important once at a glance:

Rear View Camera

Whenever you shift into Reverse, the touchscreen displays the view from the camera. Lines show your driving path based on the position of the steering wheel. These lines adjust as you move the steering wheel.

💡 Auf dem Touchscreen siehst du in der Symbolleiste am unteren Bildschirmrand ein Kamera-Icon. Tippst du es an, wird dir das Bild der Rückfahrkamera angezeigt.

Regenerative Braking

Whenever Model 3 is moving and your foot is off the accelerator, regenerative braking slows down Model 3 and feeds any surplus energy back to the Battery.

☝️ By anticipating your stops and reducing or removing pressure from the accelerator pedal to slow down, you can take advantage of regenerative braking to increase driving range. Of course, this is no substitute for regular braking when needed for safety.


Auto mode: Model 3 detects whether or not it is raining. When wipers are set to Auto and liquid is detected on the windshield, Model 3 determines the optimal frequency at which they should wipe. If Model 3 does not detect liquid on the windshield, the wipers do not wipe.

If you would like to activate the wipers yourself, press and immediately release the button on the end of the turn signal stalk. You can access the wiper settings from the main Controls screen to adjust the speed of the wipers.

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control determines when there is a vehicle in front of you in the same lane. If the area in front of Model 3 is clear, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control maintains the set driving speed. When a vehicle is detected, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is designed to slow down Model 3 as needed to maintain a selected time-based distance from the vehicle in front, up to the set speed.

☝️ Traffic-Aware Cruise Control is designed for your driving comfort and convenience and is not a collision warning or avoidance system.

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