Carsharing however long you want

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With our discounted daily rates, you have your own car for however long you need - from 3 hours up to 30 days.
Book your car without planning and flexibly. Apart from our standard km rate, you can also book our daily rates at any time in the MILES app.

Our top rates

Holiday Rates

Bookable in Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg & Rhine-Ruhr area from July 7th until August 21st

1 day & 350km

from 149€

3 days & 750km

from 314€

5 days & 750km

from 324€

7 days & 750km

from 339€

10 days & 1000km

from 499€

additional km from 0.39€
  • Fuel & insurance incl.

  • Unlock Fee incl.

  • Save up to 15% on the Holiday Rates with the MILES Pass.

Daily Rates

1 day & 50 km

from 39€

1 day & 100 km

from 58€

1 day & 150 km

from 75€

additional km from 0.39€
  • Fuel & insurance incl.

  • Unlock Fee incl.

  • Save up to 15% on daily rates with the MILES Pass.

Weekend Trips

2 days & 100km

from 65€

3 days & 150km

from 99€

4 days & 200km

from 129€

additional km from 0.39€
  • Fuel & insurance incl.

  • Unlock Fee incl.

  • Save up to 15% on weekend trips with the MILES Pass.

All daily rates

Not only at a discounted price but also flexibel: the chosen rates start with the beginning of your rental - meaning as soon as you have opened the car with the app. Chosen rates can be changed during the rent.

  • Fuel & Charging always incl. (within Germany)

  • Parking minutes & Unlock Fee already included in daily rates

You can also find all the daily rates directly in the app. 👇

Wochenendtrips oder Tagestrips mit MILES


  1. Choose a MILES.

  2. Tap on the blue button on the vehicle card.

  3. You will see the daily rates at the top of the list. Choose the desired rate and confirm.

  4. The daily rate will now be applied to your rental.


Use MILES for your trip to Germany's neighboring countries like Austria or the Netherlands (to the country overview). Trips to these countries are possible with all MILES vehicle types at any time.

All information on costs & conditions can be found here.

Mit MILES ins Ausland fahren


Discover Prague 🚗

With MILES you can drive abroad anytime and e.g. discover the beautiful city of Prague with its little towers and impressive Baroque buildings. Use our 1000km rate for a nice weekend trip and enjoy what Prague has to offer.

Botanical Gardens

Escape the hectic city live of Berlin for some time and recharge in the south of Berlin.

Check our Instagram for more inspiration! ✌️