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When size
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You want to go for a city ride or a road trip? You’ve got some errands to run at REWE? You want to pick up friends or enjoy a trip with your family out in the countryside? We’ve got a size for all your plans! Small city car or spacious van – get whatever you need. It’s all in your MILES app. It’s all in front of your door.

Sporty, sleek,

Our small, sporty MILES cars are not only perfect for urban rides, they also make easier parking in the city: Audi A1, Fiat 500 & Toyota Yaris

Model Length Width Height
Audi A1 3.954mm 1.906mm* 1.416mm
Trunk 633mm 921mm
Fiat 500 3.571mm 1.627mm 1.488mm
Trunk 530 - 1.170mm 1015mm 675 - 800mm
Toyota Yaris 3.945mm 1.695mm 1.510mm
Trunk 680 - 1330mm 950mm 580 - 865mm
Audi A1
Length 3.954mm
Width 1.906mm*
Height 1.416mm
Length 633mm
Width 921mm
Fiat 500
Length 3.571mm
Width 1.627mm
Height 1.488mm
Length 530 - 1.170mm
Width 1015mm
Height 675 - 800mm
Toyota Yaris
Length 3.945mm
Width 1.695mm
Height 1.510mm
Length 680 - 1330mm
Width 950mm
Height 580 - 865mm

Compact and versatile

Our wagons, limousines and other eye-catchers: Audi A3 Sport Back, Audi A3 Limousine, Toyota C-HR

Model Length Width Height
Audi A3 Sportback 4.313mm 1.966mm* 1.426mm
Trunk 780mm 955mm
Audi A3 Limousine 4.458mm 1.960mm* 1416mm
Trunk 951mm 1.000mm
Toyota C-HR 4.360mm 1.795mm 1.565mm
Trunk 820 - 1.545mm 950mm 510 - 820mm
Audi A3 Sportback
Length 4.313mm
Width 1.966mm*
Height 1.426mm
Length 780mm
Width 955mm
Audi A3 Limousine
Length 4.458mm
Width 1.960mm*
Height 1416mm
Length 951mm
Width 1.000mm
Toyota C-HR
Length 4.360mm
Width 1.795mm
Height 1.565mm
Length 820 - 1.545mm
Width 950mm
Height 510 - 820mm

Big, Bigger,

For all big plans our vans are available for immediate rental:
VW T6, Renault Master & VW Crafter

Model Length Width Height
VW T6 4.904mm 2.297mm* 1.990mm
Cargo hold 2.324mm 1.700mm 1.410mm
Renault Master 5.548mm 2.470mm* 2.495mm
Cargo hold 2.175mm 1.765mm 1.894mm
VW Crafter 5.986mm 2.427mm* 2.590mm
Cargo hold 3.450mm 1.832mm 1.861mm
Length 4.904mm
Width 2.297mm*
Height 1.990mm
Cargo hold
Length 2.324mm
Width 1.700mm
Height 1.410mm
Renault Master
Length 5.548mm
Width 2.470mm*
Height 2.495mm
Cargo hold
Length 2.175mm
Width 1.765mm
Height 1.894mm
VW Crafter
Length 5.986mm
Width 2.427mm*
Height 2.590mm
Cargo hold
Length 3.450mm
Width 1.832mm
Height 1.861mm

*Width including exterior mirrors

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