You want to go for a city ride or a road trip? You’ve got some errands to run at REWE? You want to pick up friends or enjoy a trip with your family out in the countryside? We’ve got a size for all your plans! Small city car or spacious van – get whatever you need. It’s all in your MILES app. It’s all in front of your door.
Model Length Width Height
Audi A1 3.954mm 1.906mm* 1.416mm
Trunk 633mm 921mm
Fiat 500 3.571mm 1.627mm 1.488mm
Trunk 530 - 1.170mm 1015mm 675 - 800mm
Toyota Yaris 3.945mm 1.695mm 1.510mm
Trunk 680 - 1330mm 950mm 580 - 865mm
Audi A1
Length 3.954mm
Width 1.906mm*
Height 1.416mm
Length 633mm
Width 921mm
Fiat 500
Length 3.571mm
Width 1.627mm
Height 1.488mm
Length 530 - 1.170mm
Width 1015mm
Height 675 - 800mm
Toyota Yaris
Length 3.945mm
Width 1.695mm
Height 1.510mm
Length 680 - 1330mm
Width 950mm
Height 580 - 865mm
Model Length Width Height
Audi A3 Sportback 4.313mm 1.966mm* 1.426mm
Trunk 780mm 955mm
Audi A3 Limousine 4.458mm 1.960mm* 1416mm
Trunk 951mm 1.000mm
Toyota C-HR 4.360mm 1.795mm 1.565mm
Trunk 820 - 1.545mm 950mm 510 - 820mm
Audi A3 Sportback
Length 4.313mm
Width 1.966mm*
Height 1.426mm
Length 780mm
Width 955mm
Audi A3 Limousine
Length 4.458mm
Width 1.960mm*
Height 1416mm
Length 951mm
Width 1.000mm
Toyota C-HR
Length 4.360mm
Width 1.795mm
Height 1.565mm
Length 820 - 1.545mm
Width 950mm
Height 510 - 820mm
Model Length Width Height
VW T6 4.904mm 2.297mm* 1.990mm
Cargo hold 2.324mm 1.700mm 1.410mm
Renault Master 5.548mm 2.470mm* 2.495mm
Cargo hold 2.175mm 1.765mm 1.894mm
VW Crafter 5.986mm 2.427mm* 2.590mm
Cargo hold 3.450mm 1.832mm 1.861mm
Length 4.904mm
Width 2.297mm*
Height 1.990mm
Cargo hold
Length 2.324mm
Width 1.700mm
Height 1.410mm
Renault Master
Length 5.548mm
Width 2.470mm*
Height 2.495mm
Cargo hold
Length 2.175mm
Width 1.765mm
Height 1.894mm
VW Crafter
Length 5.986mm
Width 2.427mm*
Height 2.590mm
Cargo hold
Length 3.450mm
Width 1.832mm
Height 1.861mm