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At MILES you don’t have to pre-book anything. Just get in the car and drive wherever you want, as long as you want! To enter our tariff plan, you start the rent as usual. At the end of your trip you will automatically be charged the best deal. You don’t have to book MILESquickie, MILESshortie and MILESroadie in advance. Just enjoy your ride, we will calculate the best price for you!


per km

Our kilometer rate applies for short distances in the city. As soon as you start your ride with MILES, you drive in the MILESquickie tariff and pay per kilometer as well as for parking minutes. Hence, every MILES trip starts with a quickie 😉


up to 6h & 50km

You start your ride as usual in the MILESquickie tariff. As soon as you reach the cost threshold of the MILESshortie (e.g. Audi A1 29€/50km included), you switch automatically to this tariff. You can now drive and park up 6 hours and ride 50km without further costs – your perfect plan for a trip to the lake with your friends or a shopping tour at the weekend!

If you drive more than 50km, you pay only 19ct for any further kilometer (up to 300km) and 39ct from the 301st kilometer. If you drive more than 6 hours or again reach the cost cap, you enter the next better tariff MILESroadie.


up to 24h & 100km

With the MILESroadie, you can ride and park up to 24 hours including 100km (e.g. with the Audi A1 for 49€). If you drive more than 100km, you pay only 19ct for any further kilometer (up to 300km), from the 301st kilometer you pay 39ct.

If you ride and park for longer than 24 hours, another MILESshortie applies, which can then again turn into a MILESroadie, and so on…


89 € for 100€ MILEScredits

Our prepaid package is a ticket for everyone who likes to ride MILES and to save a little extra! With this package you pay 89€ to get 100€ MILEScredits. You can order the prepaid package by email to