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With MILES to the

Of course, you can visit your Grandma on the countryside. However, you cannot end your rental outside the operating area, but your MILES can be parked. We will charge parking fee: 29ct per minute and 17,40€ per hour.

Get easily to the airport
With no extra charge

With #milesnotminutes you can get to the airport with no additional charge. You can find special parking lots for carsharing companies.

Thank you
for refueling

You can always refuel. Our Car-Operations-Team is happy about your help! :) In all our vehicles there is a fuel card in the glove blox that you can use for payment at Total and Aral. You can find the pin for it in the app in the upper right corner. If the rent is less than 5%, please fill up your tank, otherwise the rent cannot be terminated.

500 MILEScredits for refueling

If the fuel level falls below 25% we'll be sure to credit your account with 5 free kilometers as a thank you.


1 MILEScredit = 1 Ct | 100 MILEScredits = 1€

Still lost?

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